Why Hackers Hack Websites?

Why Hackers Hack Websites?
2018-11-07 82

Why Hackers Hack Websites?

In a world where an average of 37000 websites are hacked every day, there are several reasons why hackers hack the websites. Most people probably think that the answer of this question is money. Yes, money is one of the most important reason, but  when it comes to hacking it  is not only the money.

According to the research, hackers hack internet sites for ransom at 41%. After all, your website is your bread and butter and maybe hosted a lot of personal imformation. When it is hacked, your whole world will turned upsite down. Moreover, it is useless to get help from the police or any security unit for hackers who have taken every precaution to hide themselves. The hackers may have intended to turn this desperation into money for themselves. Therefore, the ransom takes the lead with 41%.

After the ransom, “insider threat” is the second one with a rate of 27%. Only one thing that hackers need to do hacking is your vulnerabilitiy. This vulnerabilitiy occurs only when you create it from inside or if you are unable to recognize it. For example, one of the plug-in in your mails that you send to your customers can be your weak point, and hackers who notice it can penetrate your website through this plug-in. Or a worse situation: one of your employees may knowingly creates a vulnerability and can turn this into a profit.

After that, there is “political reasons” with 26%. The websites of state institutions have a considerable majority in hacking. Internet is a tool for people to remove the boundary between states. The attack on the website of a state agency of another country is especially attractive for hackers in times of political hostility. It can be invaluable if an hackers acquire important information from the websites.

Thereafter, there is “competition” with 26%. Many hackers can make hacking a matter of pride for themselves, and if they can make a successful hack, it can give them much more value in the world of hacking. One day your website is only a victim of the competition between two hackers.

And then there is “cyber war” with the rate of 24%.

Another one is “angry users” with 20%. No matter how well you do your job, someone may not be happy with the service on your website. Therefore, they can prefer to hack your website to punish you.

The remaining 11% of the motivation for hacking is not known exactly. As we said, an average of 37000 websites are hacked every day. Who knows, what kind of reasons will be faced?